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Before the dental implants are placed, preparing a three-dimensional plan with dental volumetric tomography can prevent the complications that may arise in the future and it can also give satisfactory results in accordance with the aesthetic expectations of patients.

Until recently, only panoramic radiographs were used for implant planning. With developments in technology, dental volumetric tomography has gained an important place in the implant planning now. Monitorizing the amount of bone to implant vertically and horizontally in three-dimension provides for the dentist to make the operation with more reliable information and to reduce unwanted complications that may emerge in implant surgery.


RVG digital X-ray is a regional radiography which is used for examining the structures of one or more teeth roots and bones.


Panoramic jaw X-ray is the kind of X-ray which provides to see jaws, all teeth, many diseases in jaw and teeth on a single film. It is necessary to diagnose the invisible formations with naked eyes such as tooth decay, cysts and tumors in the jaw and teeth.

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