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One-Year Age Dental Examination

The first dental examination of a child should be done at the age of one.

It is the branch of dentistry which provides healthy development and protection of children's milk teeth and permanent teeth between the ages of 0 and 14. It is also defined as pediatric dentistry. What is PEDIATRIC Dentist? Specialist dentists who deal with children's dental health and treatment are called pediatric dentists. HOW DO BABY TEETH EMERGE? Milk teeth begin to emerge when the child is six months and at 2,5 years it is completed to 20 on lower and upper jaws (10 for each jaw). Milk incisors and milk canines are smaller than permanent teeth. Milk molars are smaller than permanent molars. As the child grows, the roots of the permanent teeth located under the roots of the milk teeth start melting as a result of pushing effect. When the root completely melts and only the dental crown remains, the tooth spontaneously falls.

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A Pleasant Examination Ambiance

An environment with Specialist Dentists where your kids will be
examined with joy and no phobia of dentist

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