How Does Healthy Gum Look Like?

Healthy gum is light pink colored. It is hard consistent, the surface is scabrous like orange skin and it holds the tooth tightly.

What is Periontal Disease?

Periodontal diseases involve a wide variety such as a simple gingivitis inflammation, melting of the jaw bone, teeth lost through shaking, severe infection etc.

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The Causes of Periontal Disease

The main cause of gum disease is plaque and tartar which plaque creates. Beside this, in some people, the body defense mechanisms works insufficiently in tooth and the tooth-gum area and diseases may occur. Perplexed teeth are also one of the most important factors in the occurance of tartar and dental plaque. Furthermore, genetic structure is also an important factor in the development of the disease. Nowadays, periodontal diseases are met very often due to smoking. In smoking, although the gums may seem non-bleeding and healthy at first glance, dissolution resulting from systematical deterioration of bone mineral tissue in alveolar bone surrounding the tooth is available.

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