Lazerle Diş Tedavisi

Lasers in

Dentistry and


Teeth Treatment With Laser Has Added

A New Dimension To The

Dentistry Treatments

Laser applications have been used in medicine for 50-60 years. The laser energy, which was used only in tooth whitening and soft tissue operations in dentistry before, with the new development of hard tissue dental lasers, is now used in a very wide range of processes from the treatment of tooth and gum diseases to dental aesthetics.

Lazer Tedavi
Lazer ile Tedavi

Dental implant treatment, cleaning of tooth decay, tooth fillings, the realization of root canal treatment, drying of inflammation at the root end, all kinds of surgical procedures and aesthetical dental treatment in the gums and jaw, gums shaping can be realised with laser applications. Furthermore, color of tooth is whitened, the sensitivity of sensitive teeth is eliminated, the treatments of aphtha and herpes can also be done with the laser method.