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Alternative to Braces

Alternative to Braces

Orthodontic Treatment has become a much easier and more comfortable treatment with the technological developments in recent years.

Expressing that the treatments are now more comfortable and aesthetic than traditional methods, Dentapolitan Dental Hospitals Orthodontist Specialist Assoc. Oğuz Öztoprak said, “Thanks to technological developments, orthodontic treatment has become a treatment that makes patients smile.”

If you have crooked teeth, you can have both healthy and aesthetic teeth with orthodontic treatment. However, patients who need orthodontic treatment may be hesitant to start treatment because of the unwanted wire appearance on the teeth and the long treatment period.

With the development of digital dentistry and computer-aided digital planning, it is now possible to straighten teeth in simple crowding cases without wearing braces with clear aligners. With the Invisalign method, you can determine how your treatment will be when your treatment is finished in 3D and design your smile digitally.

It is now possible to complete the treatments in a shorter time by using new generation brackets and wires in cases of severe crowding that cannot be corrected with transparent plates.