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What is a Dental Prosthesis ?

What is a dental prosthesis ? What are the types ?

Dental Prostheses

The appearance of the face has important social and psychological effects on the personality of the individual. The most important basic elements that make up the attractiveness of the face are the eyes and mouth. Prostheses, which are popularly called veneers or dentures, are artificial teeth made to replace teeth lost for various reasons or to eliminate aesthetic disorders, so that the person can perform chewing and speaking functions.

Fixed Prostheses

Like other organs in our body, our teeth are affected by the troubles of time. With aging, teeth are subject to different degrees of destruction due to fractures, cracks, discolorations, abrasions due to parafunctional disorders, and gingival diseases. At the same time, it causes loss of substance in the teeth, in accidents and caries. In such cases, we call porcelain veneer = porcelain crown to the restorations we make to replace the lost tissues in the treatment of teeth. Porcelain material is used in veneer coatings. Porcelains are restorations obtained by firing ceramic powders at high temperatures. The firing process enables the ceramic to gain similar properties to the enamel that forms the outer part of the tooth, both in color and structure. Porcelain veneers can maintain their color and form stably for many years.