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What is Aesthetic Dentistry ?

What is Aesthetic Dentistry ?

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Aesthetic Dentistry

Aesthetics dentistry; These are treatments that provide a healthy, aesthetic appearance and recovery of lost functions with various procedures on teeth and gums. Aesthetic dentistry is the treatment of dental caries, worn teeth, discolored teeth (Whitening), sensitive teeth, spaced teeth (Diestema), traumatized teeth, broken teeth, teeth with shape, texture and deformity, mild crookedness performs.

Composite white fillings (bon ding applications), porcelain fillings (inlay-onlay), fiber applications, whitening methods, laser technology and Lamina applications are used for these treatments.

What is Aesthetic Filling-Bonding Application ?

It is the aesthetic procedures performed to change and correct tooth color, size, form with Composite (white) filling in the restoration of decayed, worn, broken teeth. We can also call Bon ding applications as dental tissue friendly procedures since there is minimal material loss in the tooth tissue. The material we use Composite filler has low cost and high color options, so it gives satisfactory results for our patients at an affordable price.

How Long Do Aesthetic Fillers Last ?

The lifespan of aesthetic fillings varies according to the quality of the Composite material used, the dexterity of the physician and the oral hygiene care of the patient. The average duration of use of aesthetic fillings is 5 years, but people who consume too much tea, coffee and cigarettes experience discoloration faster than natural teeth.

Porcelain Lamina or Aesthetic Composite Filling ?

Both types of restoration have different advantages, disadvantages and indications. Depending on the patient's expectation, the condition of the teeth and the patient's financial situation, our dentists at Dentapolitan Oral and Dental Health Hospital will offer the patient the most ideal restoration options. Porcelain Laminates are longer lasting and aesthetically superior, but it may be necessary to roughen the tooth surface.

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