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What is Dental Radiology?

What is Dental Radiology ?

Advantages of 3D Digital Implant Planning!

As a result of three-dimensional planning with dental volumetric tomography before the placement of dental implants, future complications can be prevented and the aesthetic expectations of the patients can be answered.

Until recently, only panoramic radiographs were used in implant planning, but with the developing technology, Dental Volumetric Tomography has also gained an important place in implant planning. Three-dimensional visualization of the vertical and horizontal amounts of the bone to be implanted allows the physician to start the operation with safer information, thus reducing the unwanted complications that may arise in implant operations.

Digital RVG Dental X-Ray

It is used to examine the root and bone structure of one or more of the teeth.
regional x-ray is called Digital RVG X-ray.


Panoramic X-rays are X-ray films that allow the jaws, all teeth, and many ailments in the jaw and teeth to be seen in a single film. It is necessary in the diagnosis of formations such as caries, cysts and tumors that cannot be seen in the jaw and teeth.

What is Digital Volumetric Dental Tomography ?

Dental Volumetric Tomography (DVT) device is a new tomography device specially prepared for the head and neck region. The desired area can be seen tomographically in 3D, with the patient exposed to a very small amount of radiation.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dental Radiology