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What is General Anesthesia and Sedation ?

What is General Anesthesia ?

General Anesthesia is also known colloquially as Narcosis. General anesthesia is the temporary destruction of the senses in a certain part of the body or in the whole body so that the brain does not feel pain before surgery or a surgical operation. In General Anesthesia, the nervous system is suppressed for a certain period of time and the pain is not felt by the brain. General anesthesia must be administered by a specialist anesthetist and the patient must be followed up with a monitor. During the General Anesthesia stage, the patient is unconscious, feels no pain, does not remember what happened.

What is sedation ?

sedation; It is an anesthetic method used to create drowsiness in the patient to be operated on, to provide relief of the patient and to eliminate pain, anxiety and fears. While sedation is applied, the patient is conscious, but there is temporary relief and memory loss. In short, it is a state of deep sleep.
Applying only local or regional anesthesia before the operation prevents the patient from feeling pain, but does not prevent the patient from seeing the whole operation. In patients who are given sedation, the patient does not remember the operation and does not notice it. Conscious Sedation assisted local or general anesthesia; Sedation applied to the patient is very light. Therefore, the patient is conscious and can understand the commands given.

Frequently Asked Questions About General Anesthesia and Sedation