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What is Orthognathic Surgery?

What is Orthognathic Surgery ?

Orthognathic surgery is a general term describing operations related to the correction of skeletal and dental disorders in the facial bones.

In Which Situations Is Orthognathic Surgery Applied ?

The duration of orthodontic treatment depends on many factors. However, the most important factor affecting the duration of orthodontic treatment is the severity of the orthodontic problem. Although the average treatment period is 18 months, the duration of treatment can vary between 8-30 months depending on the severity of the problem.

What is Orthognathic Surgery Surgical Planning ?

It is the planning made by specialist doctors for wire treatment before orthognathic surgery. In planning, measurements are taken from the patient, photographs of the patient are taken, necessary films (panoramic, cephalometric and tomography according to need) are taken and analyzes are made. Before the orthognathic surgery, a re-study is made on the measurements taken from the patient and the guide splints to be used during the surgery are prepared. During the operation, the orthodontist is also present in the operating room.

Frequently Asked Questions About Orthognathic Surgery