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What is Periodontology ?

What is Periodontology (Gum Diseases) ?

What is Periontal Disease ?

Diseases that affect the supporting tissues and gums around the teeth are called periodontal diseases. Periodontal diseases can be treated if diagnosed in time. Periodontal diseases cover a wide range from simple gingivitis to severe infections where the jaw bones melt and teeth are lost by shaking.

What are the Causes of Periontal Disease ?

The main cause of Periodental (Gum) diseases is the bacterial plaque and the dental calculus it forms. In addition to these, in some people, body defense mechanisms work insufficiently in the tooth-gingival region and disease may occur. Crowded teeth are also one of the most important factors in the formation of bacterial plaque and tartar. Genetic structure is also an important factor in the development of the disease. Periodontal diseases related to smoking have been frequently encountered in recent years. Although the gums appear to be non-bleeding and healthy at first glance in smoking, there are meltdowns in the alveolar bone surrounding the tooth due to systemic deterioration of the bone mineral tissue.

What are the Symptoms of Gum Diseases ?

  • Bleeding of the gums while brushing,
  • Red, swollen and bleeding gums,
  • The gums begin to separate from the teeth,
  • Persistent bad breath,
  • Inflammation between the gums and teeth,
  • Rocking and gaping of the teeth,
  • Change in the closure of the teeth in case of biting,
  • Change of closure of removable prostheses in the mouth, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions About Periodontology Gum Diseases