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Orthodontics Specialist

Professor Doctor Mehmet Oğuz Öztoprak, who is a founding member of Dentapolitan hospitals and one of the founders of the faculty of dentistry at Gelişim University. It serves in 3 branches of Dentapolitan Hospitals.

Chief Physician of Pendik Dental Hospital

Doctor Serkan Bayraktar works as the Chief Physician in the Pendik branch of Dentapolitan Dental Hospitals. Serkan Bayraktar, who has worked in various regions in Istanbul, is waiting for you at Dentapolitan Pendik branch.


Ece Yetiş Dentapolitan Dental Hospitals, one of our specialist dentists in the field of Periodontology (Gum Diseases), serves our valuable patients in Pendik branch.

Dentist - Pedodontics

Doctor Ezgi TATLI, who is about to complete her Pedodontics (Pediatric Dentistry) Doctorate, serves valuable pediatric patients in Dentapolitan Bostancı and Pendik branches.


Büşra Akarsu, who works as a dentist at Dentapolitan Pendik Branch, is waiting for you, our valuable patients, at Dentapolitan Pendik Branch.